Goes to….me!!  Grayson usually prays for everyone in the room and Matt and I a few times and his sister, Ava….but now he throws in, “and Grayson-that’s me!”

Well…..clueless mom…..that’s me!

Today began at 4:30 am for me–little girl couldn’t let it go and fall back asleep after waking up to eat.  I am not sure if it’s a curse, but everytime my husband is gone, my children’s sleep falls apart!!  Thankfully, my parents are saviors and are here to help.  But let me tell you, the grandparents aren’t built for 4:30 kind of material….who is??

So this is the third night my little one has been up all night/woke up at an unreasonable hour, and I finally decide to take her to the doctor.  In my defense, she’s not had any symptoms…no fever, no cough, no runny nose, nothing but irritability and a scratchy throat….and did I mention the 4 teeth??  This entire time I’ve assumed it was her teeth giving her trouble, but to my dismay, she’s got a double ear infection!  Poor baby!  I’m feeling slightly more than stupid at this point….points in the kid column…

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