So, here I am sitting in my pj’s again and looking around the chaos of our living room.  I realize we have found some great things for the kids (and me) this year and thought I would pass them along in case you haven’t seen some of these fun items!

I officially became a HUGE fan of Amazon this fall and Christmas season (some of you have probably already fallen in love with its magic!).  Having Ava (and her unpredictable nursing schedule), and Gray’s surgery in November meant doing some serious online shopping for Christmas.  I went to actual stores one day without the kids, but the rest of the time, it was me and Amazon. 🙂  Convenient, plus it was nice to get everything at a discount…some things drastically discounted.

So here goes….(feel free to skip this post if you don’t want to read it.  We have just really enjoyed some of these items so I wanted to pass them along)

I discovered the God Counts Series books a while back and I LOVE them!  They are written in verse and are really cute and funny, engaging Grayson in the Truth.  What I love most is that they have some choices that are not typically easy to find.

Jesus and the 12 Dudes Who Did (God Counts Series)
Jesus and the 12 Dudes Who Did (God Counts Series) How many books can you find that tell the story of the 12 disciples?

Love this one about the fruits of the Spirit!  We read it last night and again, the way it’s written truly grabs a little one’s attention.

We did a Creation study week a while ago, so this was the first “God Counts” that I picked up…I fell in love then!

Another Creation book we love is Creation Story (Shiny, Touchy, Smelly), which I know is great for little ones, but Grayson loves it as well.

Grayson loves his See and Spell from Melissa and Doug….this is what I love….quiet toys that encourage him to have fun, but to entertain himself for longer periods of time; plus, he’s learning.  Pretty much need to buy stock in Melissa and Doug.  Some of their stuff can be pricey,

but when I’ve ordered through Amazon it’s been a lot cheaper.  Most everything I order qualifies for super saver shipping, so you can save all that shipping as well.  (I know, I’m a hermit crab 🙂

We wanted Gray to get an art easel, but those are normally $120 + and we had already gotten his big presents….we found this one and my grandparents gave it to him; he is really enjoying paiting–with one hand behind his back, no less.  Where does he get this stuff??

Grayson fell in love with this pizza set at his Aunt Lara’s and talked about it continuously, so this was a hit!

Ava got a Praise Baby DVD in her stocking and our entire family loves it!  Think Baby Einstein meets praise and worship….Gray and Ava love to watch and Matt and I love to

hear the worshipful music…

This might be my favorite….Dot Paint.  Seriously, if your little ones have an inclination towards the arts (or you would like them to), this is the best paint!  It’s no spill, no mess….they can just hold the “pen” and dot the paint on.  I prefer it because I hate to stand over Gray and lecture him while I’m trying to encourage him to be creative. 

These are a few of my favorite finds this Christmas….please share if you’ve found something you’re loving for your little ones…or yourself, for that matter!

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